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Coyotes to Rebrand, Drop “”

Greg Jamison, Arizona Coyotes owner? [Photo via CBC]

Greg Jamison, Arizona Coyotes owner? [Photo via CBC]

The Phoenix Coyotes will become the first NHL team to change its location in order to attract a wider audience since Oakland Seals became the California Golden Seals under Charlie Finney’s new ownership in 1970.

Prospective owner and former Sharks CEO Greg Jamison will pay the city of Glendale $324 million as part of the reworked 20-year arena management deal the City Council approved last week. The rechristened Arizona Coyotes are the result of a clause in the contract demanding the name change “as soon as commercially feasible.”

(ii) The Team Owner shall use commercially reasonable efforts to have the name of the Team changed to the “Arizona Coyotes” as soon as is commercially feasible.

Thankfully, the deal will also spell the end for the worst-named arena in professional sports, Arena. Sale of naming rights will remain at the city of Glendale’s discretion, and “Glendale, Arizona” must be included in the new name; for example, _____ Arena at Glendale Arizona.


2 thoughts on “Coyotes to Rebrand, Drop “”

    • I’d like to see the league relocate a team to Quebec. But due to this deal, the Coyotes will remain in Glendale for quite a while.

      Regardless of location, if the league truly cares about its product, it needs to favor relocation over pure expansion. I’d even be in favor of contracting to 28 teams, but that is something the league is unlikely to do after emerging from a lockout.

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