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Shawn Thornton Takes Children to the Movies on Christmas Eve

Thornton watches The Muppets with children at last year's event. [Photo via]

Thornton watches The Muppets with children and their families at last year’s event. [Photo via]

As reported by the Herald, Tuukka Rask skated with teammate Shawn Thornton and Boston University alums Brandon Yip and Jay Pandolfo at a local rink early the morning after Christmas. Though he still believes there will be a 2012-13 season, Rask expressed his frustration that negotiations have dragged on this long:

“. . . I’m just hoping I don’t have to go anywhere and I can stay here for the season we’ve all waited for so much, and for me personally, too. Still, there’s hope, right?”

“[The fans] understand. Obviously, it’s not my fault that we’re not playing, so they’re not giving me crap about it,” Rask said. “But they want to see us back as much as we want to be back. And I totally understand. But what can we do? I just tell people to hang in there, that we’re going to play. And I still think it’s going to happen. I’m still optimistic. It can be tough on these days when there are only five skaters, but I’m still hopeful.”

Rask echoes the sentiments of many players, and it is evident that he is chomping at the bit to begin his duties as the B’s starting goaltender. But perhaps the most compelling part of Steve Conroy’s article is its focus on Shawn Thornton.

Thornton, who has remained in Boston for almost all of the lockout, has been doing his best to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. While he’s been one of the most faithful local skaters, last week he took a therapeutic trip to Florida to visit with pro golfer Keegan Bradley and another buddy. He played a round of golf and took in the Patriots game in Jacksonville before heading home. On the morning of Christmas Eve, he took youngsters from the Italian Home for Children, Massachusetts General Hospital and Children’s Hospital to the movies.

For the second year in a row, Thornton and his wife partnered with The Great American Foundation to bring sixty children and their families to the Loews AMC Boston Common Theatre the morning of Christmas Eve, according to Dirty Water News’ Brian Malone.

“It’s special to be able to give back to the community” Thornton told Malone. “This is the second year we have been able to run this event and since our family is not local spending this time is a great reminder of the holiday season.”

This year, Thornton and the kids saw The Rise of the Guardians. After the movie, the kids were treated to a table full of toys collected the week prior through The Great American Foundation’s Toy Drive and Holiday Pub Crawl around the Financial District.

With all the negativity surrounding the lockout, it’s important these stories – and class-act players like Thornton – do not go unnoticed.

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