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Pens Fan Refuses to Shave Her Legs Until Lockout Ends

Maggie Wagner's legs

“Gahhh,” cringed the Hockey Gods.

Seventeen-year-old Pittsburgh Penguins fan Maggie Wagner of Xenia, Ohio has gained notoriety for refusing to shave her legs in protest of the NHL lockout. At 11:59pm on September 15, Wagner vowed not to shave her legs until a deal between the NHL and NHLPA was reached and a season was secured. Needless to say, things are getting shaggy over in Xenia.

In Puck Daddy interview that reads more like an Onion article, Wagner explained her motivation for the unorthodox demonstration and the reactions of those around her. Some highlights:

“I wanted to do something to make everyone around me suffer through the lockout with me. I just decided to not shave my leg hair because Paul Bissonnette tweeted something about growing a lockout beard, which I obviously can’t do.”

“Reaction from basically everyone is disgust, humor, and support. Everyone at school asks to see my legs and they want to take pictures. My family asks me every day if I am going to shave it now. But I made a promise, and I’m not shaving it until a deal is done and the lockout ends.”

On getting any reaction from the league or players:

“Before today, nothing. But I did get re-tweets from Mike Fisher, Dustin Penner, and Beau Bennett tonight. Penner suggested that I wear pants on New Years so I could still have a good time.”

On considering sending shaved leg hair to Bettman and Fehr in the event of a canceled season:

“I will consider shaving the thickest part of my leg hair and sending it to both of them in the event of a cancelled season, yes. I’d have to get their address though!”



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