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Ference Tweets Heartfelt Apology to Fans

The NHL and NHLPA worked into the early hours of Sunday morning hammering out the last details of a tentative CBA agreement with federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh. Amidst all the pent-up euphoria of a new deal, there remains a distinct dissatisfaction and disillusionment with both sides of the conflict. Indeed, the league will need to embark on a comprehensive campaign to save face.

Given that the NHLPA gave concessions on every single issue besides pensions, the owners – who willingly burnt half the season to increase their share of hockey-related revenue from 43 percent to 50 – will emerge as the villains. Granted, both sides ought to be ashamed of themselves. But the burden of public opinion lies with the owners, and it will be interesting to see in what ways Jeremy Jacobs and the rest of the league reaches out to the jaded fans, if at all.

Andrew Ference gets that.

At 2:02 AM this morning, Ferknuckle tweeted “the Emoji Thumb Seen ‘Round the Hub,” then clarified a few moments later.

Then, after proposing the league plant a tree for every pass and install a solar panel for every goal, Ference apologized to fans and issued a heartfelt promise.

Classy stuff from a classy guy. And Habs?

We’re back.


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