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Haggs, Felger, and Dupont Have Screaming Match on CSNNE

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[Photo via]

A seemingly innocent segment on CSNNE turned into a heated argument over who deserves more blame for the lockout. According to Dupes, Joe Haggerty’s been huffing “Zamboni fumes.”

Watch the video here.


So who won? Leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Haggs, Felger, and Dupont Have Screaming Match on CSNNE

  1. I respect Dupes’ hockey knowledge (he’s a BU grad too), but I don’t understand how his argument holds up. As Felger said, the owners were offering a worse deal one month ago (after months of negotiations). Why does Dupont think the owners would’ve given Paul Kelly a better deal WITHOUT any negotiations?

    Donald Fehr won out here. Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner, said the owners will only hand out five year max contracts and will “die on that hill.” Four weeks later, they settled on seven year max contracts. Fehr knew there was a better deal on the table, and he pushed the owners to the wall to get the most for his clients.

    Yeah, we lost another month of hockey, but that’s not Fehr’s concern. His job is to get the most for the players’ union, and he did that. Plus, I love the 48 game regular season. November/December hockey sucks anyway. This will be a sprint to the finish line, and feature a ton of divisional and conference games. I don’t need to see Bruins vs. Blue Jackets in early December. But Bruins vs. Flyers several times in a three month span, and maybe even more so in the playoffs? Yes, please.

    Oh, and Felger’s the man. ‘Nuff said.

    • The shortened season will be great for the game, but there’s a chance it might hurt the Bruins. If they have the sort of championship hangover they had last year, they’ll be out of playoff contention in a heartbeat. And given that Lucic and Marchand didn’t play through the lockout, it’s not looking good if there will be two cracks in the top two lines.

      If the Luongo trade rumors prove true, the Leafs-Bruins rivalry will become much more interesting, especially with the new frequency of divisional play.

      And yes, Felgy’s the man.

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