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Three Teams Making Amends with Fans as Bruins Do Nothing

Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs apologized to fans in a press conference several days ago, leaving us fans of the Black and Gold wondering, “Okay, what next?”

In short, not much.

Though Shawn Thornton and Brad Marchand met with season ticket holders, the Bruins ownership has yet to reach out to the common, working class fan. Meanwhile, several teams have already begun to make amends for the lockout with special promotions for their fans and deserve a spotlight on their efforts. JJ, take note.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pens co-owner Ron Burkle with Puff Daddy Diddy Wayne Simmonds? [Photo via

Pens co-owner Ron Burkle with Puff Daddy Sean Combs P. Diddy Diddy? [Photo via Guest of a Guest]

All Crosby-bashing aside, the Pens ownership is one of the finest in the league. For a brief time, it looked like Ron Burkle and Sid the Kid were about to single-handedly save the season. Yesterday, the team announced that for the first four games at the CONSOL Energy Center, all merchandise will be marked down 50 percent, and fans will receive a voucher for three free concession items, including: “hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, salads and fountain drinks.” Sadly, no beer.

In addition, the Pens will give away promotional items at the first 15 home games, including a gold “Great Day for Hockey” t-shirt. They’ll also hold contests for a pair of tickets to every home game during the 2013 regular season, $700 of merchandise, autographed jerseys, and an all expense paid trip to New York to see the Pens face the Rangers.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Bolts shocked many by announcing that they would offer 200 season tickets for $200 each starting January 9, while supplies last. To put that in perspective, the cheapest season tickets offered by the Bruins last season was a mere $1,247. The tickets include a gift card for $25 of merch at the arena shop.

Nashville Predators

"Welcome to Smashville, I'll be your guide." Preds owner Tom Cigarran. [Photo via The Tennessean]

“Welcome to Smashville, I’ll be your guide.” Preds owner Tom Cigarran. [Photo via The Tennessean]

Preds fans who purchase tickets to the first game of the season will receive free tickets to the second one. Prices start at $27, and seats against the glass will ring up to $98. Cheesy as it may be, the team will roll out the “gold carpet” for fans on the season opener and throw a pre-game party on the plaza outside the arena. At both games, there will be half-price fountain drinks and beer.

For more teams’s post-lockout fan promotions, the good folks at Days of Y’Orr are compiling a league-wide list. Check it out here.

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