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The Case for a New Krejci Line

For the most part, Tyler Seguin has been a disappointment this season. I count myself among the many who believed the 21-year-old winger would channel his success in Switzerland into a landmark season here in the NHL. This has simply not been the case. Maybe it’s the smaller ice. Maybe it’s the absence of Patty Kane as a linemate. But up until Wednesday’s game against the Habs, Seguin had largely fallen short of expectations.

Injuries have hit this team hard early on, and as a result, Claude has been forced to switch up the lines.


With Marchand out with an undisclosed upper body injury and the rest of the team still banged up from the Buffalo game, Claude was forced to experiment and tweak. As evidenced by the pitiful power play, this is something he does not do all that often, or well. And so, we were introduced to the Lucic-Krejci-Seguin line. The result?

Two goals in less than two minutes – enough to lift the B’s past the Canadiens, snapping Tuukka’s losing streak to the Habs. But what happens when Marchand returns to the lineup? Will it mean the end of this new line?

It shouldn’t.

The Lucic-Krejci-Seguin line is exactly what the team needs. Lucic, who was among the minority of the team that did not play overseas through the lockout, has emerged as a major force on the offense, along with Marchand. Lucic brings a physical presence in front of the net. Krejci has the vision needed to make big plays. Seguin has the speed and natural scoring ability. Together, you get the kind of explosive offensive that we saw against the Canadiens.

As for the second line, I like Marchand-Bergeron-Horton. Horton has been solidly producing thus far, and his style of play will mesh nicely with Bergeron’s. Marchand is Marchand, and he will continue to do what he does best: score and annoy.

And what exactly is Jay Pandolfo still doing here? Are the Bruins just leading him on, or will we see Pando on the ice any time soon?

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4 thoughts on “The Case for a New Krejci Line

  1. I think they should at least carry on with those adjusted lines for a while and see what production they get. By switching Seguin and Horton it does seem to give more power, speed and creativity across both lines.

  2. I agree, Lucic/Krejci/Seguin in an ideal world, would be the new top line.

    I’m just not sure that will be the case, it’s not in Claude’s makeup. The Bruins are sacrificing a lot defensively when they have Krejci and Seguin on the same line. Claude is worried about the goals against as much, if not more than he’s worried about the goals scored. He likes putting Horton, who’s a bit more defensive minded, up there with Krejci. This allows Seguin to play with Bergeron, who plays well in all zones.

    A positive development this season has been the way David Krejci has played. When he goes, the Bruins go. They lost him in the 2010 postseason, and proceeded to lose four straight to the Flyers. He led the NHL in points in the 2011 postseason, and the Bruins won the Cup (obviously, Tim Thomas had a lot to do with that too). It’s becoming more clear that Krejci is arguably the biggest key to this team offensively.

    • It’s clear that the first line is entirely dependent on Krejci’s performance. When he is performing at the level we saw in 2011, we can expect great things. But when we get last year’s Krejci, the entire offense deflates.

      Though I do like Hamilton paired with Seidenberg, pairing Dougie with Chara and having them back up this new Krejci line would provide enough security at the blue line and in the neutral zone to allow for a little more offense than Claude’s accustomed to.

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